It was Filipino FOOD HEAVEN at Escel’s Cafe and Grill!

Nothing beats home-cooked food, says any bonafide Filipino ever.

Even if I grew up outside of the Philippines, my taste buds would always steer me back to what’s deliciously familiar. In other words, even with all the different kinds of food that I’ve tried, I’d still look for that home-cooked, straight from the heart to the stomach, mouth-watering meal. When Filipinos cook, we’re actually known to be all out with our skills.

That’s why when I accepted an invitation and attended a lunch event last weekend at a restaurant I checked out serving local Pinoy dishes, I certainly didn’t regret my decision.

Pinoy Food Goodness

The name of the restaurant is Escel’s Cafe and Grill – Escel because it’s short for Maricel, who is the owner of this simple and appealing restaurant. She opened the restaurant back in 2012 and it was in that lunch event that they intended to flaunt their fondness for authentic Filipino cuisine.


Separate griller for barbecue choices

Perhaps many of us would say that this restaurant is probably no different from other restaurants that serve quintessential Filipino food, but I’m happy to say that Escel’s have the most affordable and reasonable prices for a good portion of food and with a spacious, semi-formal setting. I mean, for P500 and you can get rice and about three viands of your choice. Prices of their food would range from P50 to P320. That’s a pretty good deal, won’t you agree?


I swear, when they started serving one dish after the other, it was slowly getting hard to figure out which one to start with. A slew of appetizing food from their menu including appetizers, main dishes, soups, grilled meat and fish were placed in front of us and I was in awe at how delicious their food looked and tasted. It almost felt like having a good, satisfying meal at home over the weekend. You can have them with three choices of rice platters – Fried Rice at P90, Bago-ong Rice at P100 or Plain Rice.

Pochero at P200
Lechon Kawali at P250
Pinakbet at P100
Pork Barbecue at P80
Pork Bicol Express at P160
Grilled Pork Belly at P160
Goat Caldereta at P250
Fish Tinola at P200
Ginataang Monggo at P120
Chicken Pandan at P160
Pork Sisig at P130
Sizzling Pochero at P250
Best Seller Chicharon Bulaklak at P100
Chicken Barbecue with rice at P80

Let’s just say I had the time of my life during this semi-fiesta lunch event because everything they served were superb! I think the one that had me going back in additional servings was the Spicy Glazed Crispy Pata and Tuna Panga; and it turns out that both are their best-sellers, along with the Pork Sisig and Chicharon Bulaklak.

Bestseller Classic Crispy Pata P400
Bestseller Spicy Glazed Crispy Pata at P400
Bestseller Tuna Panga P60/100g

They used to have an upstairs area for holding private events but is now converted into a gym by her husband. So, maybe if you think your diet has been compromised after eating the delicious meals at Escel’s, you can probably head to the gym upstairs and burn all that off. Just kidding!

They also offer refreshing beverages like shakes, sodas and coolers as well as beer and even have unlimited beer every Saturday night. So if you’re one who’s fond of weekly nightcaps with booze paired with yummy pulutan, then Escel’s cafe is the way to go!


Anyway, Escel’s is accessible to everyone as it is just located behind Talamban Gym. They also deliver meals but mostly to those around Talamban area only. So, for your next Pinoy food cravings on a budget with the restaurant feels, drop by Escel’s! I know I will!

You can also follow them on Facebook, if you’d like to know more about their menu.

Escel’s Cafe and Grill is located at Benjamin’s Place, Tigbao, Talamban, Cebu City and they are open for lunch 10 AM to 2 PM, and dinner at 5 PM to 2 AM.

See you there!

Miss Rambler



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