MEN! Time for You to Stay On Top Of Your Game with Rogin-E!

It has always been known that since the time of the great gods men were portrayed as beings with strength and dominance, power and agility.

But wait – we’re not talking about gods here…

Just like any human being, we fall into burden of stress that we encounter in our daily lives through and work and relationships; and that same load falls on men all the same – probably even more, as they are given the roles of both mental and physical undertakings.

Re-introducing Rogin-E

On July 23, I was invited to an event called Man-Hub that re-introduced a supplement designed for men known as Rogin-E.

Rogin-E, developed by Bayer, is a multi-vitamin formulated for men to aid in balancing their daily rigorous life which contains Ginseng for endurance, Deanol for potency, and Royal Jelly for vitality and essential minerals to keep men going and on top of their game.


Balancing Work and Play

In line with promoting the product, a spontaneous event was held at the Northwing Atrium SM Cebu City called Man-Hub where fun activities and intermissions were included in the program. It was a free event for mall-goers and families who were around the vicinity.


The event began with registration and opening of booths in the morning and was hosted by Ms. Phoebe Fernandez.


There were segments like “Man of The Hour” where they would pick out any man at random attending the event and have them go center stage to introduce themselves after which they will be given a month’s supply of Rogin-E product.

There were also games in between the segments that would include physical workouts and brain teasers as well as their Hi-Striker Challenge, which is a challenge that lets the men hammer down a machine as hard as they can for metal box to bounce on a lever and try to ring the bell at the top.


What made the event extra special that day were the guest celebrities who graced parts of the activities. TV actress Roxanne Barcelo took over the afternoon portion of the event as well as renowned local fitness coach, Jim Saret, who carried out physical games for the attendees. Famous Cebu singer, Ms. Anna Fegi, also serenaded the event with some of her powerful ballads.



You can really tell that the entire event was intended for men because there were also booths by their sponsors that displayed brands relating to men like cars from Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, motorbikes from Harley Davidson, wine bar by Morals and Malice as well as Tinder Box, gadgets from Apple Computers and many more.


Its’ Time for Rogin-E

Even though I was the only female blogger in a male event, it didn’t feel awkward because it wasn’t exclusively for men. There were ladies who attended the event as well. This is a good thing, anyway, because through this I can probably help my male friends in little ways like improvement of their health.

So men, need a solution for your health? Try Rogin-E! You’ll definitely stay on top!





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