Beauty News | Love Your Hair with Vitress and Kolours via Saladbox Philippines

Ladies, let’s face it – our hair has always been our most important asset. It is, undeniably, our crowning glory as it plays a big role in projecting the way we carry ourselves when we step out of the house.

Because of that, visits to beauty salons to achieve that trending look exposes our hair to various intense chemicals through bleaching, coloring, highlighting, and overtime, the chemicals through these changes causes damage to our hair. As a result, we find going back to salons frequently for damage control become too time consuming and costly.

Saladbox Partners with Vitress and Kolours Philippines

Good news, though! Saladbox Philippines – a beauty box subscription service that lets you explore a variety of beauty and lifestyle products through a subscription service online – has collaborated with these two iconic and affordable brands you can use at home to bring back life to your hair!

Isn’t that great?


So, forget expensive visits to the beauty salon every now and then, ladies! As soon as you subscribe to Saladbox, you will get any one of Vitress and Kolours products that you can enjoy at home!

So ladies, here’s a quick preview of Vitress’s Hair Polish line that you can use for taming your tresses without the oily feel.

Long Lasting Fragrance Hair Polish
  • Strengthening  has Vita-Strength formula to prevent split ends and damage.
  • Sun Protect will protect hair from the damaging effects of constant exposure to the sun’s heat.
  • Long Lasting Fragrance is not just used for taming your locks, but for that lingering sweet smell on your hair that will last throughout the day.

If your hair undergoes heat on a daily basis, then Vitress also has their line of Cuticle Coats to prevent frizz and dryness and to give a steady shine during the day.

  • Their original formula, Classic, instantly tames hair and flyaways with a shiny and smooth effect.
Classic Hair Cuticle
  • Instant Relax to help ladies with uncontrollable waves, with their Vita-Relax Technology.
Instant Relax Hair Cuticle
  • Hair Repair, which is great for intensely chemical damaged hair.
Hair Repair Cuticle
  • Heat Protect, for ladies who constantly style their hair with heat-styling tools.
Heat Protect Cuticle
  • Solenn Cuticle Coat is a special edition cuticle coat co-created by Solenn Heusaff for dry, dull hair and turn it silky straight with a fresh powder scent.
Solenn Heusaff Special Edition Hair Cuticle

For ladies who are fond of coloring their hair, subscribing to Saladbox will also let you avail of any one of these three Kolours hair color – Balinese Brown, Shanghai Mahogany and Thai Tamarind.

Kolours Balinese Brown color

Vitress and Kolours Ambassadors

In line with Saladbox’s partnership with these brands, they also have their very own ambassadors – Solenn Heusaff and Paulo Avelino. What more could you want? You will definitely be assured the best results by using these products!


To discover more about their subscription services and receive a monthly box, subscribe at

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