Dining With an Idyllic View By the Sea at Faro Restaurant

It was a fine Saturday afternoon for a drive up to the northern part of Cebu, particularly in Liloan, after being invited by sir Herbert of Driftstories.com for a lunch event at a restaurant there I’ve only just heard about called Faro. I immediately assumed it was just another foreign restaurant introduced to Cebu but my curiosity as a foodie got the better of me, so I still went.

Getting there was a feat, as it was located at the tip of Liloan just beside the historical lighthouse overlooking the sea. However, it was soon I realized that the trip was worth it, because the view from the restaurant was absolutely breathtaking!

The Place

The restaurant’s exterior had a Mediterranean vibe with trees and fair shreds of greenery surrounding the vicinity facing the sea – it was like being transported in Greece.


Inside the restaurant, though, was a different story altogether – rustic decors with a minimalist feel, with ample amount of light entering the restaurant from outside through the French doors and windows.


We were greeted by Ms. Tiffany, who was the owner of the restaurant along with her husband Mr. Chow Canete, who were inspired to open the restaurant after their stint working in the Food and Beverage industry in Hongkong. They were fortunate enough to snag the once occupied area and re-inventing the former ‘Sugba-Sugba sa Parola’ when they returned to Cebu since it was owned by Mr. Chow’s father who gave them the thumbs up to open the restaurant and gave them the financial support.


Owners Mr. Chow and Ms. Tiffany Canete

Their concept for their restaurant was to cook up Spanish-Filipino themed fusion dishes and I must say, all they served us that afternoon were superb! Ms. Tiffany was an accommodating host and helped serve the food while her husband personally manned the cooking in the kitchen and what was amazing about their food were the fresh ingredients they used, which they get first thing at the market.

The Food

I was already pretty much impressed with the restaurant’s facade, so it was no surprise that the food they served were just as impressive! To think that they are the only restaurant that offered fusion dishes in Liloan makes it all the more a striking feat for locals in the area.

So, all the dishes were served simultaneously starting with their House Specialty – Paella and Reuben’s Signature Tapas. Paella is probably what most of us know as a traditional Spanish dish and theirs was served with rice and meats and various shellfish with lemon for a hint of zest.

House Specialty: Paella

Their Signature Tapas is an appetizing plate that held beef sirloin strips, squid calamari, breaded chicken wings and pork barbecue sticks which were delicious!

Reuben’s Signature Tapas

As the couple were fond of pizza, they had an authentic brick oven set up in the restaurant’s kitchen, so obviously we were given the chance to try their Meat Lover’s pizza recipe straight from the brick oven which was really good!

Meat Lover’s Pizza straight from the brick oven

For the main dishes, we were served with Lengua – a famous Filipino dish that is beef tongue with mushroom sauce and I loved how the creaminess and flavor of the dish and how elegantly simple it was prepared!


There’s also Goat Curry, Classic Sisig (pig head parts served with egg and chili on a sizzling plate), and Pochero Soup (broth with beef bone marrows served with corn and cabbages).

Goat Curry
Classic Sisig
Pochero Soup

With all that yummy food that disappeared within minutes into our bellies, we still couldn’t resist washing them down with their various refreshing beverage and capping off with a delightful Creme Brulee dessert after!

Bevy of refreshing beverages
Creme Brulee

Going there and tasting the food at Faro was certainly unexpected. Who would’ve thought that this unassuming restaurant at the tip of Liloan would blow our minds, and taste buds as well! It was definitely a palatable treat for both locals and non-locals alike who is in the place for good food coupled with a fantastic view. If you’re ever around Liloan, drop by Faro for a treat for the senses! Just look for the famous lighthouse, and you can find it there! In the evenings, they’ve also got live bands to entertain diners and music lovers, too!

Faro Restaurant is located at Bagacay Point, Catarman, Liloan

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 12 PM – 11PM; Sunday 11 AM – 11 PM

You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram!


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