I think this is about the nth time I’ve attempted in creating a blog and actually making it work. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with always trying until you get it right, right?

So, hey! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mae Ogdoc. My real name is actually Marianne Ruth. I’ve never used my real name in any of my online profiles for ‘security’ reasons because in this era of internet fraud, who knows I could be some super spy the whole world is scouting for, or well, vice versa, hence the need to hide my identity.


That was a side joke.

ANYWAY, I’m Asian; but many who know me or have seen me say that my appearance holds a myriad of nationalities – there’s Spanish (nothing I haven’t heard yet), Indian (ugh, seriously?), Arabian (exotic, much?), Chinese (wait, what?) and probably a lot more. Let me get this straight, guys: I’m a pure-bred Filipino who’s lucky enough to inherit a pinch of Spanish genes from my dad’s side of the family. Here’s a picture of me. You be the judge.


Despite being a Filipino, I’ve only lived in my home country for about a little over eight years while the remaining having lived abroad – Brunei Darussalam, specifically.

Where is that, you ask? It’s a tiny nation strategically located inside an island called Borneo which borders Malaysia and surrounded by the South China Sea. The country is called ‘The Abode of Peace’, which is funny to think that because of its peaceful reputation, not a lot of people have heard of the country before. (Yes, I’ve been asked!)

Joking aside. If you’re still curious about where this little wonder really is, here’s a location map for your reference.


Anyway, right now I’m living in the Philippines after almost two decades of living abroad, renting houses, and moving from one place to another. My dear parents have decided to settle down here and then constructed a house we can finally call our home.

I guess that’s pretty much everything about me.

So, what brought me here?

Why I finally decided upon a travel blog was actually a long overdue project that was only simmering beneath the surface waiting for something extraordinary to happen for it to solidify and perhaps materialize. After years and years of trying to come up with the best blog but holding myself back because of, well, mainly fear, a stumbling block was all it needed for me to finally stand up and start with what I hope will be a lasting journey to success for me.

What were the events that led to this?

When I decided to open my own small business in health and wellness distribution about a year ago, I thought it would give me access to the adventures of a lifetime I once dreamt about across the globe provided that I work with perseverance that comes with diligence and consistency. Unfortunately, my business failed and the bubbles of wandering into the unknown popped into nothing one by one, leaving me to ponder on my predicament. Eventually after much consideration, I looked back at my ‘project’ before at putting up a blog, and said to myself, “it’s now or never, Mae. You only get one shot in life.”

With that, I then said, “fear be damned, I’m doing this.”


I’ve traveled before, and have had numerous adventures here in the Philippines but not enough to make them substantial content and then there’s that incessant fear of being shamed, and probably criticized beyond oblivion, thus I decided against creating a travel blog and instead handwritten on journals where it’s safe from prying eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to travel (all caps for emphasis) and have always dreamed of conquering the whole world someday (not in a war freak manner, of course). I also have the innate passion to write but then again, it was the inherent apprehension thinking that I may not be good enough in this type of pursuit held me back.

Nevertheless, I am now on a mission to live my purpose: to tell stories of the things I do and see, places that I visit and the people that I meet. So there, this blog is born – reborn, in this case, from its emergence of one draft to the next, my dream to step on every country in the world – state after state, city after city – and live to tell about it will finally come true. It’s never too old to try new things. God only knows where this is going to take me.

With that said, I leave you with this picture quote I found:




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