The Diary of a Rambler

Rambler – synonym for traveller

Hey! My name is Mae. I’m a girl with varied interests; my motto would always be, “if it’s interesting, then I’m interested!”

I decided on this blog to be as a travel journal, probably among other things. I used to write in journals before and it was an annual thing. This time around, I’ve decided to make some changes. (You can read all about it here: Beginnings)

Writing is my passion, next to music. Like I said, I enjoy a lot of things besides wandering into new adventures and singing my heart out. I love reading, I like to make non-bake desserts (cos’ there’s not much preparation and hassle!), and take amateur pictures.

Everything that I write in here will transpire what I have written as my tagline – that is, the places I go, the things I see and the stories I tell. Like a journal, I would write about my day to day experiences, even what I’ve learned from them. And if that’s not enough, I will include pictures, too!

So, come and take this journey into the unknown with me. As the saying goes, “live, laugh, love”.








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